AG3 Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability Application Group (AG3) was established to look at Regulatory and Sustainability issues which cover all applications of plastics pipe systems.

Regulatory Affairs – from European legislation such as the Construction Products Regulation to UK regulations (Building Regulations, Water Byelaws etc.) the legislation covering the production and use of construction products, including piping systems, is an eternally evolving and growing area. All BPF Pipes Group members are committed to meeting all legislative developments and contributing to consultations where relevant. Our members meet regularly to discuss latest developments and the effect on our applications.

Sustainability – The BPF Pipes Group, together with TEPPFA, is keen to raise awareness of the value that plastics piping systems can offer for a sustainable future. Plastics piping systems not only contribute to sustainable solutions (water recycling etc.) but also in themselves have a low environmental impact.