Jack Trivett

Product Management Assistant | REHAU

Jack Trivett is a Product Management Assistant at REHAU. A typical day for Jack sees him working with a range of stakeholders (internally and externally) to provide support on key business areas such as project coordination, and sales team support. Then, more strategic tasks such as pricing, profitability and stock analysis, alongside the support of new product launches and developments. “I work alongside many different departments, which means no two days are alike and my tasks are very varied”. 

Jack’s intention was to work in a career that involved problem solving and adapting to new changes alongside his passion for computers. Wanting to build on his understanding of the use of computer systems and how they can solve business problems that assist in decision-making, he studied Business Information Technology and graduated with a 2:1. 

After graduation, Jack began work as a Product Management Assistant in the Building Solutions department at REHAU. He works in a cross-functional team covering a diverse range of products such as underfloor heating, plumbing and renewable energy.  “Dealing with such a diverse range and communicating with many different areas of a business means, I learn new things every day, which is helping me to build up my experience over time." 

Jack joined REHAU during a time of many challenges including the pandemic, BREXIT and supply chain issues. He has enjoyed the problem solving and overcoming the challenges presented, and learned many new skills which will help in finding solutions for future changes in the environment. Although he is still very new into his career at REHAU and in product management, his aim is to increase his professional and technical knowledge by attending workshops and training sessions, and to establish a personal network, very important in this early stage of his career. In the future, Jack would like to progress to become a fully qualified product manager who can contribute to strategic decisions.